How to signup on Bitbns, complete KYC, set-up your crypto wallet, and deposit INR on it

Bitbns is one of the leading crypto platforms available in India. It allows you to buy stablecoins, among other cryptocurrencies, using your INR. These stablecoins can then be invested on Flint to earn high and sustainable returns.

How to sign up on Bitbns:

To set up your Bitbns account, head over to the following website:

  • Click on the “Sign-up” button on the top right
  • Fill in your email ID, set a strong password, select your home country and press the button “Sign Up”
  • Fill in the OTP received on your email, and that’s it!

Here is a video tutorial by Bitbns’ team:

Now that you have signed up on Bitbns, the next step is to complete your KYC process so you can start buying stablecoins and investing them on Flint for additional interest.

How to complete your KYC on Bitbns:

Having signed up on the platform, now you only need to complete your KYC to buy stablecoins.

Steps in the KYC process:

  • Click on the “Verify now” button to begin your verification process
  • Fill in your basic details
  • Fill in your PAN card number and Aadhar number
  • Add the required documents as proof
  • Fill in your bank details
  • If required, you may need to complete an additional KYC step. Wherein, you will need to write a particular text on a paper and share the image.

Here is a short video by Bitbns team to explain the process:

Now you have an active account on Bitbns.

You can buy stablecoins such as USDT and USDC and use our guide on “How to deposit stablecoins on Flint using Bitbns” to get started with your stable yield investments.

With an active Bitbns account, you can deposit INR on it and purchase your preferred stablecoins.

How to add INR to your Bitbns account:

  • Click on your wallet on the Bitbns website/app
  • Click on the “Add money” option inside the wallet
  • Select your preferred method of payment
  • Fill in the required details (of your UPI ID or the bank account you have linked)
  • Make the transfer and confirm on the Bitbns app

Here is a clip by Bitbns team to help you navigate through the process using an app like PhonePe:

We hope to see you on the app soon, creating wealth the smart way.



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